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Comprehensive Independence and Interpersonal Skills Assessment

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Unlocking Potential: A Revolutionary Tool for Evaluating Independence, Interpersonal Dynamics, and Coping Strategies for Enhanced Self-Reliance and Relationship Building

Unlock a deeper understanding of individual capabilities and interpersonal dynamics with the Comprehensive Independence and Interpersonal Skills Assessment (CIISA). Designed for a wide array of settings, from educational institutions to therapeutic environments, CIISA offers a pioneering approach to evaluating three critical areas of personal development:

  • Independence Skills: Measure an individual's ability to perform daily tasks and manage personal affairs, paving the way for targeted support and development plans that enhance self-reliance.

  • Interpersonal Style: Gain insights into one's interpersonal dynamics, including communication preferences and social interaction patterns. This knowledge empowers staff and caregivers to tailor their approach, ensuring more effective and harmonious relationships.

  • Coping Skills: Understand how individuals navigate stress and adversity, identifying strengths and areas for growth. This aspect of the assessment aids in the creation of personalized coping strategies, enhancing resilience and well-being.

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Comprehensive Independence and Interpersonal Skills Assessment (CIISA)


Discover CIISA: Transform your approach to community and residential support with a tool designed for depth and understanding. CIISA offers a pathway to tailor support precisely, fostering personal growth, enhancing interpersonal harmony, and building resilient communities. Ready to revolutionize care and empower individuals?


  • Tailored Interventions: By pinpointing specific needs in independence, interpersonal interactions, and coping mechanisms, CIISA enables the design of bespoke support plans that truly resonate with the individual's unique profile.

  • Enhanced Understanding: For professionals, CIISA offers a detailed portrait of the people they support, fostering a deeper connection and more impactful interventions. For individuals, it provides valuable self-awareness, empowering them to articulate their needs and preferences.


Who Can Benefit?

  • Educational Institutions: Enhance student support services with precise assessments of student needs, facilitating successful transitions and academic achievement.

  • Healthcare and Therapy Providers: Deepen patient understanding and tailor therapeutic approaches with comprehensive insights into coping styles and interpersonal dynamics.

  • Residential Support Programs: Strengthen living environments and foster community harmony with targeted assessments of residents' interpersonal styles and independence skills, ensuring every individual receives the support they need to thrive.


Embark on a journey of discovery and empowerment with CIISA, your partner in fostering independence, enhancing interpersonal relationships, and building resilient coping strategies. Let's unlock the full potential of those you serve, together.

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