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Assessment Services

If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency please contact your local emergency responder (911)


Collaborative Assessment is a time-limited therapeutic intervention in which in-depth psychological testing is used in conjunction with feedback sessions to help individuals understand themselves in a deeper capacity and find solutions to their current challenges in relationships, work, and life.  


Collaborative Assessment may be used in conjunction with other treatments, treatment teams or on its own.

Comprehensive Independence and Interpersonal Skills Assessment (CIISA)

Empower individuals and enhance support strategies with CIISA, a cutting-edge assessment package designed to evaluate and foster personal growth in three key areas:

independence skills, interpersonal style, and coping mechanisms.


Ideal for professionals in educational, therapeutic, and organizational settings, CIISA offers in-depth insights to tailor interventions, improve interactions, and strengthen coping strategies, paving the way for enhanced well-being and success.

Adult ADHD
Diagnostic Assessment 

This service offers a detailed Adult ADHD diagnostic assessment. Using advanced tools and techniques, it identifies the unique cognitive patterns associated with ADHD.

The goal is to provide a clear understanding of the condition, laying the groundwork for effective, personalized strategies to navigate daily challenges with enhanced focus and resilience.

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