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Psychological Services

If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency please contact your local emergency responder (911).

Individual & Couple Therapy

Entering into therapy is one of the most important steps one can make in improving one's wellbeing. I believe comfort with the chosen clinician and fit with the treatment modality are necessary for success in therapy. The best way to experience this is to have an initial meeting to see if therapy is right for you, your partner or your family.

Group Therapy

Specialized group treatment to address specific challenges in an safe and supportive peer environment.

Current Open Enrollment:

Neurodivergent Social Process Group

Social Anxiety Treatment Group

Specialized Services

Support for
College Students

Tailoring approaches to meet the unique needs of college students, addressing the stressors and transitional challenges of academic life. Facilitating personal growth and academic success.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Executives

Offering bespoke solutions designed to cultivate balance, optimize productivity, and enrich both professional and personal life for busy entrepreneurs and executives.

Men Navigating
Life Challenges

Specializing in supporting males who are grappling with life demands, providing insight, strategies, and support to navigate challenges effectively.

Therapeutic Support for Neurodivergent Individuals

Offering specialized interventions and support for individuals with neurodivergent conditions such as ASD/ADHD, embracing neurodiversity and fostering personal development and societal integration.

Therapy for
Emotional Distress

Providing expert support and intervention for those navigating the challenges of anxiety and depression, fostering emotional liberation and enhanced well-being.

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