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Celebrating A Decade of Innovation and Compassion at BTR Psychotherapy

Photo of Cody Thomas Rounds, Lyn Taylor Hale and J. Stannard Baker

A decade in any journey is a milestone worth stopping and reflecting upon, an opportunity to look back at the road traversed, marked with signs of growth, resilience, and countless stories of transformation. Today, as we celebrate 10 years of BTR Psychotherapy, we open a window to the past, reflecting upon the beautiful journey adorned with milestones, learnings, and cherished relationships.

At the heart of our practice are two individuals whose dedication and expertise have sculpted the sanctuary of healing that BTR Psychotherapy represents today: Lyn Taylor Hale and Stannard (Stan) Baker.

Stannard (Stan) Baker LCMHC, RPT-S, an expert with a nurturing approach, believes in the power of metaphor as a carrier of profound truths about oneself. Through his expansive training in Expressive Therapy, EMDR, and other developmental approaches, he has crafted a therapeutic journey that encompasses both verbal and non-verbal modalities. His work with diverse groups, including people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, survivors of trauma, and the LGBT community, speaks volumes about his multifaceted approach. An ordained clergy person in The Episcopal Church, Stan integrates clients' personal belief structures into his healing process, offering a holistic route to recovery and understanding.

Lyn Taylor Hale LCMHC, on the other hand, has become a beacon of hope for individuals navigating life's inevitable transitions. Her expertise in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) has empowered countless clients to regain control over their lives, even amidst the most challenging times. Lyn's empathetic approach towards adults grappling with developmental disabilities, borderline personality disorder, or simply life's transitional phases, has been a cornerstone in building a practice that embodies authenticity and fulfillment.

Our journey has not only been about individual healing but also about fostering a community of growth and learning. As we look forward to the future, we are excited to announce that

As we celebrate this significant milestone, it's only fitting to acknowledge the exciting expansions that have been integrated into our practice over time. Our goal has always been to provide a holistic approach to therapy, and with each passing year, we have added new dimensions to our services that resonate with this philosophy.

Cody Thomas Rounds

Is on the brink of introducing a treatment integrating narrative and emotion-focused writing, slated to be unveiled in 2024. This innovative approach promises to add a new dimension to the therapeutic journey, facilitating deeper understanding and healing. As wel as launcing publishing company Learn Do Grow, an online and print publisher specializing in self-help and educational materials.

A Beacon of Excellence in Assessment Services

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clientele, we introduced specialized Diagnostic Assessments, a crucial tool in understanding and addressing various psychological concerns. This addition has paved the way for more targeted and effective treatment plans, fostering better outcomes for our clients.

Alongside, the Collaborative Assessment service stands as a testament to our belief in working hand in hand with our clients, encouraging a harmonious journey towards recovery and self-discovery.

Nurturing Communities Through Group Therapy

In our continual effort to foster a supportive community, we are thrilled to have inaugurated Group Therapy sessions, including dedicated groups for Neurodivergent individuals and a Social Anxiety Recovery Group. These groups serve as a nurturing space where individuals can connect, share, and grow together. Learn more about these initiatives here.

Empowering Clinicians with Resources and Consultation Services

At BTR Psychotherapy, our commitment extends beyond our clients. With the introduction of consultation services and an extensive repository of resources available on our website, we aspire to nurture a network of empowered clinicians. Our aim is to foster a community where knowledge, expertise, and support are freely exchanged, paving the way for a brighter future in the realm of psychotherapy. Explore these resources here.

As we step into our next decade, we carry with us the cherished memories and invaluable lessons acquired over the years. We look forward to fostering more connections, facilitating more recoveries, and continuing to be a pillar of support and healing in the community.

Here's to a decade of resilience, compassion, and innovation, and to many more years of fostering well-being and mental health excellence.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here’s to the road ahead – a road of healing, growth, and endless possibilities.

  • The BTR Psychotherapy Team


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Whether you are stepping into the realm of self-exploration for the first time or looking to deepen your personal insights, the collaborative assessment approach offers tailored pathways for every stage of your journey. Through dialogues and consultations that nurture deep reflection and personal insight, we aspire to facilitate conscious choices that resonate with your true essence and lifelong aspirations.

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About the Author

Cody Thomas Rounds- Clinical Psychologist

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Cody is board-certified clinical psychologist, but he sees himself as a lifelong learner, especially when it comes to understanding human development and the profound impact of learning on our well-being.

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