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Professional Development

Please note that professional services are intended for career and vocational development purposes only.

This service is not a medical intervention and is not designed to diagnose, treat, or address any mental health disorders.

Unlock Your Potential in a World Where the Only Constant is Change

With over 10 years of experience in assisting professionals and corporations navigate the evolving career landscape, I understand the intricacies of personal and professional growth. In today's rapidly changing world, your ability to adapt and evolve professionally isn't just an advantage—it's a necessity.

The New Reality of Career Progression:

In today's dynamic professional landscape, companies and individuals are required to possess both insight and agility. Cultivating self-awareness through professional development not only bolsters personal adaptability but also enhances an organization's resilience in fluctuating circumstances.

Why Most Falter:

Human nature leans towards the familiar. Given a choice, many would prefer the status quo over the uncharted. This intrinsic resistance to change can be the very obstacle hindering growth. Managers are well aware that the human element frequently presents the most substantial challenges during times of transition.

Your Career Story Matters:

Today the career story is deeply personal and lifelong. Those in high school and college are at the beginning, finding the best first fit. Those in the middle, often experience dissatisfaction due to stagnation, or struggle to keep up with changing demands. Later-in-life careers are affected by concerns over legacy, intention and ‘worthwhileness’. In addition, career upsets like downsizing and layoffs can be some of the most challenging obstacles for individuals, yet often produce positive change when tackled head on.

Tailored Solutions:

This model caters to individuals, corporate management, and organizational teams. Let's discuss how we can be instrumental in your success story.

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Adaptive Leadership Series

Welcome to the Adaptive Leadership Series. In a world where advancing your career means constantly evolving, this series is your compass. It's designed to empower you with insights, strategies, and the practical advice needed to navigate the complexities of modern professional growth. 

Benefits of Professional Development

Discover Your True Self

Journey beyond surface-level understanding to unlock profound insights about your strengths, values, and motivations. Embrace this newfound self-awareness to make confident decisions.

Individual Services

Professional Style Profile

The Professional Style Profile utilizes in-depth personality metrics to develop a comprehensive profile tailored to your immediate career concerns. 

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 Navigating Your Career Path with the Professional Style Profile


Unveil the pathway to a fulfilling career with the Professional Style Profile. This guide offers insights into personalized career strategies, enhancing both individual growth and team synergy. Tailored for every career stage, it's your blueprint for success in the modern professional landscape.

Pre-career Profile

Taking the first steps on your career path is one of the most important life events you will have. Knowing yourself more fully can make this process easier. Whether you are choosing your first job or deciding on your intended major for college, a career profile can help narrow the choices and lead you to a more fulfilling first experience. 

Excellence Profile

Advancement in the working world takes more than just the necessary training. As you move up, correctly navigating the increased interpersonal demands can make the difference between failures and successes. A career profile will assist you in knowing your unique way of being and how you work best giving you optimized performance.

Reboot Profile

Sometimes in our career life we must start over. You may have realized you are not in the right career for you. You may have taken years off to focus on family obligations. You may be making your comeback from a layoff or downsizing. A career profile will help bring clarity and focus to your new endeavor. 

What to Expect

The journey of professional development is as unique as the individual undertaking it. This module delves deep into the narratives that shape us, using them as a powerful tool for self-discovery, understanding, and growth. Spanning three intensive sessions, this program is designed to catalyze informed career decisions and personal evolution.

Program Duration: 3 sessions over 4 to 6 weeks.

Session 1: Initial Exploration (2 hours)
  • Background Interview: Begin with the present. Dive into your daily life, unearthing your likes and dislikes in your current job, and retracing the roots of your professional passions.

  • Career Construction Interview: Delve into your past. Explore key moments, relationships, and inspirations that have shaped your career perspective.

  • Worst/Best Cases Analysis: Look ahead to your future. Visualize the peaks and valleys, both the challenges you fear and the successes you aspire to.

  • Remote Testing: Get scientific insights on your personality with the NEO test and understand your stress coping mechanisms with the CISS assessment.

Session 2: Reflective Feedback (1.5 hours)
  • Narrative Interpretation & Assessment Feedback: Merge the story with the science. Review your personal narratives alongside your personality and coping assessments to get a holistic view of your professional persona.

Session 3: Conclusion and Future Pathways (1 hour)
  • Closing Session: Bring it all together. Reflect on the insights gained throughout the journey, consolidating learnings and exploring potential future paths based on a deeper understanding of your true self.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, as you intertwine your life stories with rigorous assessment tools. This unique blend aids in making informed career decisions and illuminates pathways for personal growth. Embrace the opportunity to truly know yourself, ensuring your future aligns with your innermost desires and strengths.

Let's go through this together to ensure it captures the essence and details of the model you're presenting.

Professional Development Protocol:

Organizational Services

Leadership Development Profile: Enhancing Team Dynamics and Performance

Maximize your team's effectiveness with the Leadership Development Profile, crafted using detailed personality assessments to build comprehensive profiles that boost employee performance. Designed to meet the specific needs of your organization, this service enhances leadership qualities and ensures continuous professional growth.

Employee Development Profile:

Unlock the potential of the workforce by understanding the unique strengths and assets of each team member. The profile helps increase productivity and success by providing crucial feedback to employees and their supervisors, facilitating effective management and ongoing developmental strategies.

Executive Leadership Profile:

Equip leaders to transcend their technical skills with robust developmental capabilities. The profile delivers essential, unbiased feedback to managers and their supervisors, paving the way for the formulation of strategic, long-term leadership development plans.

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Transformative Organizational Development: Leveraging Assessments for Optimal Performance


Discover the transformative power of professional development in shaping the modern organizational landscape. This piece not only illustrates how honing employee skills can revolutionize your business, but it also sets the stage for a deep dive into the critical nexus of personnel development profiles and contemporary HR management, guaranteeing you the insider knowledge to foster a thriving, adaptable, and successful business environment.


Understanding Collaborative Assessment with Career Counseling

  • "How long does the entire program last?"

    • The structured approach ensures that you receive comprehensive guidance within a concise timeframe, allowing you to see progress without it dragging on for months.

  • "What kind of assessments and tests will be used?"

    • We use a mix of globally recognized tools and personalized methods, ensuring accuracy and relevance. This combination aids in a holistic understanding of one's career aspirations and strengths.

  • "I'm worried about the cost."

    • Consider this an investment in your future. By understanding yourself better and aligning your career, the returns in job satisfaction and potential earnings are invaluable.

  • "How can I apply the insights to my actual career?"

    • Our program doesn't just stop at insights; it provides actionable steps. The collaboration between assessment and counseling ensures you have both the knowledge and the strategy to apply it effectively.

  • "Is the program tailored to individual needs?"

    • Absolutely! Each individual is unique, and our approach is customized to cater to these unique needs and aspirations.

  • "How is my data kept confidential?"

    • Your privacy is our top priority. All data is encrypted, and only authorized personnel have access, ensuring your journey with us remains personal and confidential.

  • "Are sessions conducted online or in-person?"

    • We offer flexibility! Depending on your preference and location, sessions can be conducted in-person, online, or a hybrid of both.

  • "I've tried career counseling before with limited success."

    • Our collaborative assessment model distinguishes us from the rest. By combining structured assessment with intuitive counseling, the depth and breadth of insights gained are unparalleled.

  • "How do you ensure cultural sensitivity?"

    • Diversity and inclusivity are our pillars. Cody Thomas Rounds also holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology, ensuring a deep understanding of counseling approaches across cultural barriers and a commitment to creating a safe space for all individuals.

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